My Halloween iPhone5 Case


Oct 6, 2012
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Are you getting into the halloween spirit yet? I?ve got a specialized iPhone 5 halloween case to really get into the festivities now.
My Cousins show me kinds of halloween cases which are cool.

My Halloween iphone 5 case is Devil Personalized Protective Stand Case which is Unique iPhone Case for Halloween with Tongue as stand case for iPhone 5.
It spent me $19.95 from theideasforgift, that?s save my money.
It also the most coolest halloween iPhone5 case, that?s the comparison result among us.

It often prove to be very nice to have on my iphone 5 in any situation. It protects the sides and back of iPhone 5. Better still, while most silicon cases are made entirely from PC and TPU materials this case has a cool desigh of tongue stand. It will be a useful iphone 5 case even not for halloween for it can free my hands when reading, playing, etc.

Happy halloween, guys.
What's your halloween case? Any pictures to show it here is ok:)


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Oct 4, 2012
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i would use it if someone gave me one but i dun think i'll go out of my way to purchase one just for halloween. perhaps I can custom make one for the day.