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My current photos on my new iPhone 6 have very old dates


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I take photos on my iPhone and share them with my I Pad (4th generation) through iCloud Photo Library. I have iOS 9.3.1. I took an overseas trip and took 1,400 pics which I uploaded to my Windows 7 desktop using Windows Live Photo Gallery and they were labeled with the date 2004-05-21. I have some pics taken within minutes of each other and one may be stored on my iPhone in Collections under the year 2004 or 2011 or correctly in 2016. On my iPhone under the Albumn All Photos, the pics are not sequential as I took them... I have spent hours trying to remember where I was when and renaming the .jpegs and .mov so I could look at my trip from start to finish. I used to be able to open my DCIM folder and see a grid of my photos so I could pick and choose. Now...I open DCMI and each picture is tucked away in a sub-folder. All 1,400 of them. Is there a setting I need to correct?