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Feb 16, 2015
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Hi Friends,
Do you love shopping? Do you want to be a good friend or family member while shopping? Do you have difficulty in remembering the items and to maintain the shopping list? Are you weak in maintaining the individual prices of the items bought during the shopping?

All the above questions and many more questions can be answered from a single application designed specifically for the shopping lovers and for those who do the shopping for others. Organize yours and others shopping with My Buddy application. Plan the shopping for them or make a list while shopping for them or for yourself.

My Buddy application helps you maintain the shopping list for the friends and relatives and much more. It is a perfect application to manage your shopping.

Some of the application features are:

? Add multiple accounts from the contacts
? Option to make the Planned Shopping List with notification
? Option for the ad hoc or on spot shopping
? Option to maintain the pricing of the list as individual item?s price or lumsum
? Option to receive payment in a single installment or multiple installments.
? Shopping lists, sharing option via mail and SMS
? Support for multiple languages
? And much more?
Here is a link to the App Store:
Hope you enjoy it. Have fun. Love all.

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