My 2022 refresh (phone & watch with M MacBook).


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Apr 26, 2011
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At work I have this stuff at scale, but got an iPhone 14 Pro Max from 12 equivalent, and watch series 4 to 8 upgrade.

Phone: Camera is the biggest difference with the phone, and a few bugs I understand 16.03 fix are annoying. I thought a handsfree and Car Play 5G bug going between cells was fixed from the old phone but not. The display brightness can be seen, and speaker phone mode sounds better. I use a Max size for IT admin and the 14 is thicker and heavier than my 12.

Watch: Battery life is marginally better but performance is up for the Abvio sports app (CycleMeter, RunMeter and related are essentially the same app). Keyboard for text messages is nice.

Being a sysadmin with others, Apple remains ahead of Microsoft and Android efforts. The peripherals not only work better doing more, but M battery life makes the rest a joke. I have a same age as MacBook Surface Laptop as a comparison - that's two first tier laptops.

I did not wait for 2nd generation AirPods Pro and love my Beats Fit Pro for superior fit over any AirPod and the deep rich tone. My only complaint there is case size.

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