MusicTandem, play any song for free on the iPad


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Aug 18, 2011
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I released MusicTandem (, an iPad app to listen to personalized music channels using youtube videos.
The app is currently ranked 6th in top paid iPad apps in Music category in US.

Here's some info:

MusicTandem lets you create personalized music channels as a continuous stream of music videos and discover new music.
You don't need to have the music on your device, everything you'll listen to comes from the Web using, The Echo Nest and YouTube.

MusicTandem has 5 main features:

1. Create your free personalized music channels just typing in one of your favorite artists, a tag or choosing a genre
2. Watch music channels as a continuous stream of music videos picked for you from YouTube
3. Create a mix of songs you may like starting from what you are listening to
4. Discover new music and get to know more about the artists you like by browsing biographies, albums and similar artists
5. AirPlay support, you can enjoy watching your music channels on Apple TV with your friends and family

I think it stands out from the competitors because it lets you create on demand non-stopping music channels using the large directory of youtube videos.
Furthermore it is very pleasing to get to know more music using the "similar artists" feature.

Hope you'll like the App!