Music using all resources and crashes MacBook Pro


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I noticed that since I upgraded my early 2013 MacBook Pro Retina (16GB RAM) to Catalina, my laptop hasn't been able to handle Music.

I have an extremely large music collection. About 1TB of both purchased & ripped (legally) music. I did notice that ALL my album art is missing after the upgrade. This is both purchased and ripped music artwork that I either downloaded from the iTunes store, or manually added.

When I open Music, it runs fine for about 10 minutes, and then the fan is really loud, and the whole laptop is unresponsive. The only thing showing in the bottom left of music is "Processing artist artwork..."

I had to force shutdown the laptop, and when it started back up, I made sure there were no apps running on login (both visible & hidden). I also killed anything that was running in my top bar. System still acts the same once I open music.

I also cleared my NVRAM & SMC. No changed.

Ran Clean My Mac to get an idea of what's going on. Memory runs at about 35%, and then spikes to 100%, and that's where the system messes up.

System deets:
MacBook Pro Retina, early 2013
Internal storage: 500GB (100GB free) flash memory
Music Storage: 2TB external hard drive. USB 3

Should I maybe flatten the system. Start with a fresh image, restore what I need from Time Machine after?

If anyone has any ideas of what else to try, it'd be great!

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