MujjoMujjo All New Touchscreen Gloves: Finally a Sequel That's Better Than the Original

Jason Cockerham

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Nov 12, 2012
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If you follow my reviews (and hopefully you do) then you know that last year I got the chance to review some touchscreen gloves by Mujjo. If that name sounds familiar, it’s because they make some of the best leather phone cases on the market. Seriously, if you have an iPhone or a Galaxy S9, go check them out. What you may not know (and I didn’t until they sent me the things) is that they also make touch screen gloves you can use with your phone as well. Last year they sent me two pairs to review which were both pretty great. This year, they changed up the formula a bit and went with one pair. They kindly sent me over a pair to review and I must say that after a few weeks of using them, I’m smitten.



Mujjo says that they have given the gloves a complete redesign and that is absolutely true. Gone is the the wool and leather of old and in comes a triple-layer top with a stretch-knit fleece that is amazingly comfortable. It instantly conforms to your hand and forms a nice cushion around your fingers. One thing I noticed right away was that they felt much more comfortable than the previous model and they also fit even more snugly around my fingers without being too tight. Most impressively, they felt even warmer than the old ones. I guess adding an extra layer of 3M™ Thinsulate™ really did the trick.

One of the most impressive things about these gloves is that they are much more streamlined and low-profile than the previous ones I’ve used while still managing to stay quite warm. The form fitting material makes for a very comfortable feel and it also keeps the wind out as well. There’s no clasp or velcro to speak of here you simply slid them on and the stretchy fleece keeps a snug wrap around your wrist.


On the front of the gloves are thin strips of silicone strategically placed across the fingers and the palm to help keep a solid grip on your phone. They are quite slim and certainly won’t annoy you or stand out in any way.


Ok JC that’s all well and good, but can I still comment on Instagram and YouTube videos with these things on?? I’m glad you asked! Mujjo claims these gloves will give you “unrestricted access” to your touchscreen and they’re not wrong. Of course you will have much more accurate touches using your fingers than you ever will with gloved hands but the usability of these gloves is still freaking impressive. I was able to navigate through my phone quickly and accurately using these gloves which included typing on the keyboard fairly often.

If you weren’t aware of this, the touchscreen in your phone senses your touches through the connectivity in your skin which is why normal gloves don’t work with your phone. Mujjo has built in a layer of conductive material into these gloves that allow them to register on your touchscreen. In addition to your standard five fingers, you can even use your palm to operate your phone if you’re so inclined (if you are, I’m impressed and let’s talk). Last year I was impressed with just how well the gloves actually worked and this year Mujjo has upped its game considerably. There has been a noticeable difference in how well I’ve been able to operate my phone with these gloves than with the ones from last year.

Are They Worth It?

Absa-friggin-lootely. I live in Texas so truthfully I don’t need to wear gloves too often but when I do, these are the only ones I even bother with. They are incredibly comfortable and work much better than I would have ever expected and honestly better than any other touch screen gloves I’ve used. If you live in a colder climate or even in a warmer one that occasionally gets a tad chilly, you should definitely have these gloves at the top of your short list. For less than $50, this is an easy choice to make.

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