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Moving from Android to IOS Questions


New member
Nov 6, 2016
After countless years with Palm and Android devices, I've decided to move across the street to IOS. The reasons are not really important but it is the right move at the right time for me. I'm currently using a Galaxy Note 4 (Android 6.0) and a Note Pro 12.2 tablet (Android 5.0). They have served me well but it's time for a change.
I've ordered a IPhone 7plus, 128gb, matte black that arrives Tuesday. I'm with Verizon. Very happy so no change there. Great service and I get killer corporate discounts. My wife got her 7 last week. She's been with Apple for several years (2 IPads, Apple watch, IPhone5, 6s and now 7) so I have some experience using them.
I'll be posting several threads with different questions.
The first question pertains to Google Apps. I use Google Calendar, music, books, maps, search, chrome etc.. I've installed these on my wife's phone to practice. In photos I've set up to automatically backup to Google photo but it's not doing it. I have to manually select photos and tap backup. Is there a way around this?
In Android I am able to go into settings >accounts and select Google. On the next screen I am able to select/deselect Google Apps I want to sync. Couldn't find that option in IOS.
I have quite a few e-books. Will I be able to read them on my 7 plus?
I am also going to get a IPad Pro 12 inch device by years end to replace my Note Pro.
Looking forward to this new world of electronics.
Thank you in advance. There will be more questions.


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Oct 28, 2016
Lots of questions here so I'll pick the one I feel best suited to answer, which is; "I have quite a few e-books. Will I be able to read them on my 7 plus?"
The short answer is Yes. I love to read and do so mostly on my iPad using the iBooks app. It is convenient and has a great user interface. If you have Kindle or Kindle books you can download the app.