Moving a few messages from one phone to another


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Mar 6, 2009
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In December I bought an iPhone XR. I backed up my iPhone Plus to the cloud and restored it back down to the XR. For whatever reason, the some of the messages didn't transfer. I quickly got into a situation where I had mismatched data on both phones.

I have messages from one contact on my XR that end on December 16, but on my 7+ they end on December 20. I need the couple days of messages on my new phone. Enabling iCloud iMessaging doesn't move the messages.

If I do a restore from my iPhone 7 to the XR, I'll lose everything else that's new on my XR... app data, contacts, etc.... I need to just move iMessages from one device to another. I even tried buying an app to do this, but after waiting an hour for dr. fone to transfer everything, and it saying it was successful, nothing changes.

I remember a couple of years ago there was an app that would let you copy files in an out of iTunes backups, but I can't find that now. Does anyone know of such an app so that I can copy the sms.db files from my iPhone 7 to my iPhone XR? Or does anyone know any other way to move the iMessages?