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Move music from Palm treo 680 (memory card) & hp tp to iPhone 6


New member
Dec 19, 2012
Hi all,
Ok so I'm just getting to the future with an iPhone 6. I want to move my custom ringtone (which plays entire song) made with treo app and additional music from treo'a memory card and music from my hp touchpad to the iPhone 6. What is the best way to do this? Thanks


New member
Oct 22, 2010
If the ringtone is an MP3 file - change the file extension to m4r - and import into iTunes... it should sync as a ringtone if you set iTunes up to sync ringtones... the music... if it's mp3 - simply connect the memory card via a reader to the computer as external storage, and import the music into your iTunes library and sync to your phone.