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Move lphone 7 apps to another screen

Oct 16, 2016
In order to move apps between screens on your iphone follow these steps-

1. Long touch the icon of the app that you want to move. Note that you have to LONG TOUCH and NOT LONG PRESS.

2. When you touch and hold the icon for two seconds you will see that all the icons will start wiggling.

3. Now touch, hold and then drag the icon that you want to move to the edge of the current screen(move the icon to the left edge if you want to place it on a screen before the current screen or to the right edge if you want to move it to the screen after your current screen). Repeat this step until you reach the screen that you want the icon to be on.

4. Place the icon on the spot you want it to be at(this will work if there are icons already on that page, in which case you can place your icon in between two apps. However if there are no icons on the screen the icon will move to the top left corner of the screen)

5.Once you have placed the icon where you want it to be press the home button and you are all set.

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