Mophie or Nude?


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Nov 26, 2010
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With my 4s, I've been keeping one of my two mophies on it at all times to keep it charged, not need to use wires on the phone ever, & also to keep it protected. I'll be using it for another year till next years iPhone, but I feel like I'm missing out on the experience of the industrial design & aesthetics of the hardware. & I think I'm looking forward to the design of the 5/s more than the 4/s.
Now that the phone is a new size all together, I'm wondering if I should get mophies for the next one at all or just keep it naked. I think people's use of their 5's will help me make my decision.

A. How has your battery life been with heavy usage? I think I'm a heavy user being that I am consistently downloading & listening to podcasts for/at work, but I want to keep my battery juice high, but I also hate wires & needing to plug in a device that's supposed to be wireless.

B. how bad is the scratching or denting? Would u recommend a case, mophie or otherwise? Again, I'd like to keep it naked and use what apple sold me as is (hardware wise) but I'd also like to keep it in pristine condition.


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Dec 24, 2011
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Battery on my 5 is definitely better than on my 4.
I say go nude. It's the best looking iPhone yet (in my opinion). It's so thin and light may as well show it off.
Besides, it's not like we keep these things for decades :)

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