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Jun 15, 2009
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Well I ordered my Mophie JPA before even having my 3GS.

I received the JPA today.. I couldn't wait to get it on. Once I had it on, I wasn't too happy. I have seen it on a 3G in person, but didn't imagine how bulky it would feel once I had it on my iPhone. IMO, it kind of ruinsthe sleekness of the phone.

My 2nd complaint..
I have never had great service in my house on any phone to begin with. My iPhone varies from no bars to 3. with the JPA, it said no service or had one bar.

I heard people talking about how the top piece breaks. Yes it seems flimsy but my actual concern is my iPhone. It's a very tight fit and I am actually worried about damaging my phone when removing it I am also worried about the phone getting scratched when putting it in or taking it out of the case.

Anyone else?


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Jul 21, 2009
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I'm worried about it too. I was trying to figure out how I can keep my phone scratch free. So, I've decided to by BodyGuardz and put it on so it protects from the JPA.

I will say though that I love my JPA. I travel every week and I was so sick of running out of juice on my that I have my 3GS and I use A2DP all the time I'm even more happy I bought tthe JPA.

Let it be said that I don't keep it in the JPA all the time I put it on when I park @ the airport and take it off when I get to my office. I go all week without it but on travel day Thursday I put it on again when I return my rental and I take it off after I get home.

The JPA will in no way protect your device from a fall. So I don't trust it one bit.

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