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Mophie Juice Pack Powerstation Mini Review


Dec 25, 2011
There's not a lot to the Mophie Powerstation Mini, it's a portable batter that can charge one device at a time for about a charge and a half, on an iPhone 5 anyway. So what's really left to be said? I paid $65 for it at an airport because I needed to charge my phone to be able to communicate with my ride from the airport. It's more than paid off its worth in that time. I have found that being where I work doesn't get the best reception and doesn't have wifi the vast majority of the time, that I need to charge my phone almost every day. Rather than having to stick my phone somewhere out the way and locked up where I can't access it when I need to so it can charge, I can now carry it on me without adding much weight. There isn't much to the charger, it has a microUSB slot for charging it, a USB port for plugging in your device, and a button on the side for a battery level indicator as well as an on button to start charging your device. The Mophie is simple enough to stop the charging process, you just remove the USB cable from the battery and it stops pushing power.

Build Quality
The quality of the Mophie Powerstation Mini is amazing. It has an aluminum body with a rubber texture over the bulk of the body. It definitely feels like a battery, but it feels like a well cared for battery. It definitely shows that care went into the making of it. I couldn't be happier with the build.

Bottom Line
The Mophie Powerstation Mini is an amazing little charger for a single person that only needs to recharge a device about once a day. If you have multiple devices that need to be charged or charge your devices multiple times a day, either a bigger brother of the Mini or bringing your charging cables is your best bet. I would say for an average heavy user of a single device, the Powerstation Mini is a great addition to daily carry. I couldn't recommend it enough.


New member
Oct 3, 2010
Nice. I just ordered the new power station. The 12,000 mah one and two of the new keychain ones for the lightening connector. I love the Mophie batteries and cases.