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Jun 1, 2012
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Hi everyone !
Want to combine money-saving, relaxing moments, fun and beautifying your environment ?

Why buy an expensive changing-color lamp when you can have on hand a smart app doing better ? Mood Colors is the definitive application to turn your device into an awesome mood lamp ! You deserve to take care of yourself ! Have a look at this new app ! It's a must-have !

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Just the same than . TY]

You always wanted - or may have yet - one of those colored lamps. Get one always on hand, with awesome shapes, and save money ! It is less than a cup of coffee whereas real changing-colors lamps can reach $100 or more !

Mood Colors 1.1 is out ! It comes with a lot of new features :

Additional layers
Facebook integration
Share by email
Compatible iOS 6
Support iPhone 5 : 20% more surface light !
Optimal use of the screen size

Perfect light for this winter & Christmas periods !
Hope you all enjoy it.

Please help spread, PLEASE SHARE !

Hope you will enjoy !

David / iBuRGeR Apps


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