ModelNote, the first business modeling app for iPad


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Apr 22, 2015
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ModelNote is a business modeling app for iPad, designed for entrepreneurs, business owners, finance professionals, appraisers, bankers and students. The app allows you to:
  • plan, budget and assess expected performance and return of an idea, project or business
  • perform valuations of projects or companies
  • assess financing options, etc., without any formula coding or tedious data inputs.
As far as I know ModelNote is the only business modeling app available for a tablet with:
  • powerful modeling features (two stage investment and operations planning process, monthly and annual results, seasonality adjustments, etc.)
  • easy and flexible planning process
  • unique user interfaces with tab and drag charts
  • contextual assessment of the results.
  • automatic pro-forma financial statements which can be exported (together with the charts) for additional spreadsheet processing.
Modelnote turns an ipad into a quick and easy business/financial decision support tool.
The could be downloaded for free from the app store.
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