MobileMe sync idea


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Jun 18, 2009
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as I'm sure you (many people) know a ton of apps rely on syncing data and a ton are limited by no good way to sync data.

this wouldn't be usable just 3rd party for iphone to computer but computer to computer syncing also

I think Apple needs to extend MobileMe so that apps can plug into it. It makes sense from an Apple standpoint to use an existing service. More customers means more money and making it more valuable for existing customers means more renewals. more options for devs to move data means better apps for everyone. we all benefit

essentially it would be:

the developer signs up for an add-on service and receives some sort of mobileme api key from Apple.
They enter the name of their service and the like into the development environment.

the desktop app uses the developer key and a mobileme API to tie into the desktop portion of mobile me.

the developer writes their iphone app with the same key and a matching iphone mobileme api

there's no extra work by the user. they simply need to setup both the desktop app and the mobile app and it just works. on the desktop maybe it pops up a "do you want ____ app to be able to sync via mobile me" and the same in the iphone app in the phone for more security.

also, on the phone, like for email and push notifications, apple adds a menu only when an app uses this feature. you can set it to push/fetch/manual per app inside it.
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