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Good day,
I've updated my os to 7.02 and ever since, my microphone has completely stopped working. It doesn't work when I am recording a video using the camera app, doesn't work on Skype or magic jack or any app that uses the microphone. Before you tell me to go Settings>Privacy>Microphone etc.,, been there, done that. Besides, if it was due to a permission problem then the microphone would still work when recoding a video using the built in camera app. Has anyone else noticed this? Can someone help me to fix this please? Thank you!


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Jul 21, 2009
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If the reboot doesn't work do a backup. Then connect to iTunes and click restore. After iOS is reloaded when it asks to "Setup as new" or restore from backup choose "Setup as new". This is just to test whether the issue is hardware or software related. Once it's done the setup go in and test the microphone using the built in camera, voice recorder apps. If it works connect to iTunes and restore again this time instead of setup as new choose restore from backup and restore from your latest backup. Then test the microphone and if it is still working then you're good to go must have been an issue during the update. If it doesn't work when you setup as new then take it in to Apple because it needs to be replaced.


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Dec 30, 2013
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I did the reset too and it was not working. However, during the reset I was browsing the menu and I found an other setting that did the trick. So the reset was not completely in vain :).

Go to the settings menu -> General (Algemeen)-> Restrictions (Bepering; 4th block from top). Select ‘on” if not on already.
Enter iPhone pass code
Go to the Privacy block (3th block from top) and click Microphone. Select Allow changes (sta wijzigingen toe).

When the programs do not have access to the microphone, they will never ask if it is okay to use and do not show up in the Privacy menu.

To be complete:
Now you can turn on the Settings -> Privacy-> Microphone to yes for Skipe or any other program. I did put back by backup and after the first time of use Skipe, it asked me if it was okday to use the microphone. I clicked Yes, to be save.

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