Merge Go:What will happen in the fascinating magical forest?


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Mar 25, 2021
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A brackish sea breeze blew, and ripples appeared on the surface of the water. There is no place where all small lives can feel more at ease than this small island. They surround themselves, enjoying the warm sunshine and occasional coolness from afar. But no one knows that this is a small island of incomplete life and charcoal, how beautiful it once was.


But all this was ruined when the dark evil power came. It was a night long ago, and the animals rested and slept quietly, bringing the beautiful life of the day and the warm sunshine into their dreamland. Suddenly, a cloud of black wind passed over a small corner of the island. Wherever it went, the originally full of vitality land was frozen, and the original free-growing plants and flowers were confined in place and could no longer move.

"Our home is gone" the next morning, when the first rays of light shone on the island, the animals with their sleepy eyes were surprised to find that the bushes, trees, streams and mountains where they played and played yesterday changed instantly. It looked like it was covered by a thick black fog and lost its vitality. What's more frightening is that this thick fog spreads very quickly. When everyone came back to their senses, more than half of the land on this small island had been "occupied". The decadent animals collapsed to the ground, never expected such a terrible thing to happen, even though many of them touched the black fog and tried to drive it away, but all was to no avail. The black fog could not be seen. Shrouded firmly around the plants and the land.


Don't know how long has passed, with everyone's concerted efforts, a small piece of land has already got rid of the control of the dense fog. After sucking water to nourish it, it begins to grow again, and the vigorous breath is back. In the process, the animals also discovered that only unity can be strong. When their similar species gather together, they will evolve into a more powerful species, so that they can collect sunlight faster. Calculate like this, regaining the entire home is just around the corner.

Want to join this magical world and guard your home with the animals? Use the method of synthesis to help them evolve and become stronger, and lead the monsters to grab resources with friends and attack the BOSS. The mobile game Merge Go is ready for you.


【Update】The pre-registration of the game“Merge Go” is currently open. Welcome to join this magical world!


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