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Meme 8-Ball: Customizable Magic 8 Ball App


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Oct 14, 2011
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Meme 8-Ball LT (Free, Ad Supported)

Meme 8-Ball (NO Ads)

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A magic 8 ball generator of epic proportions. Now with iOS stain fighting power!

Simply ask a yes or no question and tap the screen, or shake the phone to get the Meme 8 Ball's magical answer, both visually and verbally.

• Add your own answers for yes, no, and unsure responses!
• Adjust the color of 8 Ball fluid!
• Set the demeanor of 8-Ball! (Default, Neutral, or Pessimistic)
• Decide how often memes show up!
• Includes 94 memes!
• Special meme mode for certain comic book fans!
• Force what type of answer is picked.
- Not available in LT (free) version.
- See info screen for details.
• Helps with answering true/false questions on school tests!*
(*not really... well it may help... But might not be correct)

But wait! There's more! You can also limit the type of answers to:
• Just the classic 20 Magic 8-Ball answers!
• Classic + extended Magic 8-Ball answers!
• Just the custom answers you've added!
• Or go wild and use all of them!

Meme 8-Ball LT (Free, Ad Supported)

Meme 8-Ball (NO Ads)
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