Medical App for Iphone with secure messaging and EHR HiPAA compliant


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Sep 27, 2013
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Hello, this is Cristian Partica, Lead developer from Simple Medical Software Inc

We recently launched Simple Rounds a medical app for iPhone(stable) and Android(beta), that focuses on Secure Text Messaging HIPAA compliant physician to physician.
Note that doctors are required by law to use secured channel to transmit messages and E.H.R. Data (patients info, diagnoses etc), all with a very intuitive interface designed by real physicians.

This app solved all that problem, and give so much more (than other apps), because it is specialized for physicians, it does not only texting but has a whole inpatient, outpatient, diagnoses, hospitals data along with it, all mobile

On top of that it has a web extension for answering services (the ones that receive calls from patients) and they can contact their doctors and admit/update patient data instead of transmuting all that info over the phone or email. This module is accessible by any computer that has a fairly modern browser (IE8, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera).

Bellow is the info for the app review:

Developer’s Company: Simple Medical Software Inc
Release Date: Sept 25 2013
Name of Application: Simple Rounds
Itunes Link [URL="][/URL]

Other Links:

Company Website:


Brief History of Developer or Development Company

Simple Rounds started out as an idea after a physician from San Antonio lost his patients paper list after attending an afternoon Spurs game in 2010. He had to go back after the game and literally trash all the bins and find that patients attending list otherwise that would cause a loss of a couple of thousands of dollars.
Yes doctors still use papers! But we're trying to fix that, and so Cristian Partica and Rico Garrett started out as a freelance app developer from Madrid in 2011, then in 2012 Simple Medical Software was created and we formed Simple Medical Software LLC, we finally had the original developer and others full time here in San Antonio, Texas, later in 2013 the company became an Incorporated from LLC and we started beta testing with a couple of local physicians and answering services. Other things we've done so far, well Simple Rounds has some registered provisional patents pending, and is a registered trademark and quite an elaborate business plan build for angel investors that want to invest in our company.

Other Applications We’ve Developed

Simple Rounds ICD9 Edition – is a catalog for searching ICD9 codes for physicians and skilled nurses
- in progress – A hospital finder with the major USA hospitals database

The reason why your app is special and stands out from its competitors.

It's free! Completely

We do have some competitors: MediMobile, Dr.Rounds, Tiger Text, Docbook MD, Doximity, Medigram

We think ours is best because of it's interface, it has been designed by real physicians, ones that do use smartphones, in combination with our interface designers experts, we can simply do hospitalists rounds far more easy, admissions are quicker, straight forward, no boring synchronizing screens, it's transparent and automatic, you receive a message about a patient, you receive it's data along with it, there are shortcuts everywhere, history or things, cloud backup (on our own HIPAA compliant servers), if you loose your phone, the app restores everything, we support image transfers about wounds, rashes or other affections. They can Keep a historical track of the patients healing progress

Messaging is done like all modern messaging systems, similar to WhatsApp, Viber, Line etc, not as a Email inbox system, but specialized for patients, however a no-patient chat system is also available inapp

Any update information, or any future plans as for the continued development of the app.

Yes we did an update just today (Sept 25 2013) and it's the third one in two months,
We plan to have other modules (paid), such as a Billing Module, Rounds Manager module (for tasks and organizing procedures, lab tests and more), and a Sign Out manager, where all patients, messages, tasks can be transferred to the covering physician without any data loss, or headaches which is causing today in most of those cases, one doctor doesn't know what the other doctor has done so this will really solve that problem and money loss along with it and patient satisfaction

Hope to see your favorable feedback.:yes::yes::yes:

Feel free to contact us for any additional requirement

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Best Regards,

Simple Rounds Team
Simple Medical Software Inc.
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Jan 14, 2011
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Welcome to iMore and thefact that you brought what looks like to be one heck of a great medical app. There are not too many of them for the regular person except the one like WebMD and ones like that that are free. I will be willing to give this a shot and be honest in my comments but i have to say to start off with an honest comment... I have started using epocrates a month ago which although the PRO version which costs and then the free version which i have for the layman i love it very much and gives you more info than anyone can ask for when it comes to anything health related. I use both apps epocrates and WebMD and it gets me through just fine. i do wish you luck and please don'tt take this any other way other than simple constructive and nothing else.

I wish you the best and will comment on yours after I get a good look at it. Please feel free to have a look around at all of the other forums especially the Development & Design forum. Once again thank You for being a part of iMore!
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