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MDM (Mobile Device Management) Bypass??


New member
May 7, 2018
I purchased 5 iPad Pro 9.7 32GB from a seller on the mobile selling platform Le#go. I purchased these devices for my business from a seller that was going out of business. I got a great deal, I know that sounds cliche.
Once I wiped and restore all units using iTunesi noticed while seeing each one up that they all had an MDM Profile attached. I have tried every method I can think of along with all the YouTube methods but I cannot remove these MDM Profiles from any unit.
When I try to backup the iPads so I can modify the backups and then reinstall them without the MDM Profiles I am unable to do so because whether I want to or not the iPads backups are all encrypted. Which I assume the MDM is somehow force encrypting the backups.
All attempts have failed and I really need these iPad Pros in service with my company. Any ideas out there would be greatly appreciated!!


Ambassador Team Leader, Senior Moderator
Jan 8, 2012
As you know, those profiles are partly put in place as a protective measure. With that in mind, you need to contact the seller to get the profiles removed. I am assuming the seller put the profiles on the devices.


New member
Nov 12, 2012
You can try contacting Apple’s business support (call the regular support number). You’ll have to provide proof of the purchase and it might take them a week to check it all out.