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Mcdodo iPhone 6 case mini review


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Dec 29, 2011
Wow! That's my first impression.

I've been a long time user of Diztronic cases. They were a perfect blend of thinness yet thick enough for basic drop protection. Recently, I've been dying to use the iPhone 6 naked since I love the slim feel so I started looking for a decent case.

I wanted something very very thin, like the Caudabe Veil, but TPU not plastic. Some of you may have read recently in another thread, I purchased the very thin Anker TPU cases (double pack off amazon for $10). Those were Veil thin but made of TPU. I liked them a lot at first and still do. But I saw the 50% off deal on the Mcdodo so I pulled the trigger on it too. Well it finally arrived.

It's very very thin. The pictures on their site make it look like that, but I had a feeling it was just computer graphics and it would be thicker, like the Diztronic. But nope....it's slightly thicker than the paper thin Anker cases, but not by much and it almost seems they are the same. It's very flexible, almost floppy but not as much as the Anker when compared side by side. All buttons are covered, except for the mute switch, and have molded indicators showing you what the button does. I thought that was a nice detail. Mic, ports and camera cut outs are very precise. The headphone jack and lightning port have fold back plugs which are nice and tight fitting. The camera lens is perfectly flush with the case, if that helps you judge it's thickness.

I got the grey color, which as you can see below is a lot lighter, almost clear, when compared to the similarly grey Anker case. But this is perfect. I didn't want a clear case. It's light enough to see the phone, almost as if there was no case whatsoever. Unlike the Anker case, the corners are tight and don't peel away easily. The sides are just as "peelable" as the Anker, due to case material and thinness. Like the Anker, there is no lay on table protection. The side of the case comes right up to the highest point of the curve it seems.

This case is not for drop protection, but for someone who again, doesn't want bulk but doesn't want to sacrifice using a naked phone. This case also is not a fingerprint magnet like the Anker cases are. Definitely worth the $10 with the 50% off code. Frankly, I would spend the full price on this case, although it's thinness may make some people wonder if it's worth it. Sure looks like a lot of precise manufacturing was spent on this case. Unlike the Anker, there are no seams or flashing left from the molding process. I highly suggest this case for someone looking for the minimal feel, better grip vs naked and higher precision and quality that cheaper cases can't offer. I think I just found my new everyday case.



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