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Math Mix - practice your math skills


New member
Nov 12, 2011
Math Mix is a new app from the creators of*MathMix.com*which enables kids and adults to practice their math skills.

Math Mix allows users to solve addition, subtraction, multiplication and division problems step by step. If you are having trouble with a problem, a hint button will show you the next step to take.

Each round will provide you with a star score based on how much time you took to solve the problems, how many hints you used, and how many wrong answers you submitted. There are currently 1200 stars to be earned! As you earn more stars, you can unlock new fun backgrounds.

Each operation has three types of problems. To solve the problems you enter in each number of your answer into the dash bordered boxes. Boxes are also supplied to enter in numbers for working out the problem.*

There is also a multiple choice section which allows for quick fact practice and helps to increase your mental math abilities.

To find it in ITunes, simply search "Mathmix"