mAPPn Inc. launches Diamond Breaker successfully for iPhone


Jan 25, 2009
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Los Angles, CA.,-July 10, 2009-After the successful launch of SuperJack for Google's Android , mAPPn Inc., a leading mobile application company, today announced that a brand new game which brings something markedly different, challenging, and fun to the App Store ??Diamond Breaker is now available for users.

Diamond Breaker is a fantastic puzzle game that requires strategic thinking and cutting skills. You need to break, tilt and slide the crystal to free the treasures. This fantastic puzzle game will require the player to hunt for the hidden diamond by strategic cutting crystals. Proper and elaborate cut is all you need in this game. Your finger acts as a crystal-breakable laser. Once the crystal is cut properly, the diamond should drop into your boat and you will advance to the next level. You can cut ingeniously with a drag to let the diamond drop into the boat. In order to facilitate the miner's work to break the crystal, the size of the crystal must be limited by your cut. Each of the levels presents you with diamonds in a variety of locations with a means to get them to the boat that might not always be as easy as they seem.

Iphone users can find Diamond Breaker in the Apple app store today! For more information or inquiries, please visit

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