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Jan 25, 2009
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After the tremendous success of Discover, a wireless file-sharing iPhone application, mAPPn, a new mobile application development start-up based in Southern California, has announced its new release of the highly addictive musical memory game, Melody Match.

Melody Match, although reminiscent of the classic memory game, Match, differentiates itself by focusing on replacing visuals with acoustics. Using over 300 songs and sound clips, this game utilizes high-quality graphics and stimulating visual effects that provide each player with the ability to personalize his or her game.

mAPPn CEO and former Director of SQUARE ENIX, Terry Tan, shares insight as to why this game in particular was developed. "As we observed that over 80% of the most downloaded apps are games, said Tan, "there is a huge potential for game developers to expand their reach and revenue channels through iPhone rather than existing gaming devices such as SONY's PSP and Nintendo's DS". Tan further concluded, "Basically, the iPhone is a much stronger social medium compared to the other two devices."

Apple's announcement of the opening of the App Store on iTunes has been an exciting moment for iPhone owners and iPhone app developers alike. At the time the App Store was launched, there were roughly 552 applications available in iTunes App Store. Since then, the store now carries over 15,000 apps and more than 400 million downloads and is expected to generate $1 billion in revenue in 2009.

"We are just really taking advantage of this opportunity and really feel that Melody Match can appeal to the masses with its different genres of music and fun style of play", says Tan.

You can find Melody Match at the iTune App Store using the following link:

About mAPPn (short for Mobile Application Network, mAPPn Mobile App Network)

mAPPn is a mobile application development company based in Southern California. mAPPn, short for Mobile Application Network, primarily focuses on developing a network of applications spanning various mobile platforms such as the iPhone, Android, Blackberry, and others. The company's emphasis is largely placed on the development of gaming, social gaming, social networking, utility, and productivity applications.

mAPPn's advanced and creative game design capabilities due to its hard-working development team, enable the company to frequently and rapidly introduce innovative mobile games that are designed to cater to changing customer preferences. Within the next few months, mAPPn plans on introducing a series of fun and sticky iPhone games, including an action game entitled "Super Jack", as well as "DJ Master", a game that focuses on music beat creation. The company also plans to continue exploring other new and innovative business models in the mobile application market.

For further information, please contact:

Terry Tan

Chief Executive Officer

Tel: 323-527-7486

Fax: 213-740-2779


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