macOS 15.0 Developer Beta 1 released


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Mar 22, 2014
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Just a tracking post for those risk seeking folks who like the bleeding edge of technology, for the well informed and well seasoned beta adventurers only (or in my case just impatient and silly).

Installed onto my 14" MacBook Pro M2 without any issues at all to report. All of my apps are working without issue, and it's quite surprising to be honest. No crazy CPU or RAM usage, no issues with Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, audio seems ok (might have noticed one or two slight issues with Bluetooth but it could have been Infuse or the source, nothing major either way).

Fav new feature - window management / placement (however will still likely use Mosaic with BetterTouchTool triggers for custom stuff)
Thing that needs to improve most - Reminders in calendar, it's a very basic implementation, hoping specifically that when a reminder is marked as done, it no longer shows in calendar

I can't wait for Apple Intelligence, new mail with categories & iPad Mirroring to show up in later releases.

Apps that are working fine, Teams, Zoom, Slack, Mail, Calendar, Messages, Discord, Excel, Powerpoint, Word, BetterTouchTool, Mosaic, MuteMe, Audio Hijack, Things, WhatsApp, iStat Menus, Parcel, Google Drive, OneDrive, CleanShot X, SetApp, MindNode, 1password, Ghostery, BarTender, Jump Desktop, Infuse, Plex, Arc, Blackmagic Disk Speed Test, Chrome, Firefox, IINA, MultiViewer for F1, Tailscale, & many more.

As always your experience might be different, always have a plan b.
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Jan 8, 2012
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Same here. I installed Sequoia on my Mac Mini and I’ve not run into any issues as of yet. The OS runs fast and smoothly on my Mac Mini and all of my installed apps work as they did prior to installing Sequoia. I’m very pleased with it thus far.

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