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Macbook for photoediting and design


New member
Feb 17, 2017
Hello guys, I'm looking for help
I have a few of "i" things and they are great, now I'm thinking about buying secondhand macbook. I'm photographer and designer so I am basically using photoshop and illustrator (sometimes indesign) also I would like to try programing swift. But because of my recent expenses on new dslr body and lens I am able to pay only around 300-350 euros (for that money I can buy air2011 or pro 2010 in my country). Since it's my first time going for macbook I'm asking for any suggestions and help on what to pay attention on hiring secondhand macbook. Also at the moment I'm using 21" monitor and pc with 8gb ram 2.6ghz i5 and 2gb graphic card so I'm a little bit sceptical about size of macbook and how faster or slower will it work (on this price) then my pc at the moment.
Thankful in advance!


Apple Watch and AirPod Champion, Ambassador
Nov 2, 2009
If you are looking to do Photo work I would go for a MacBook Pro instead of the Air. Also you might want to save some euro up and get something newer. A 2013 or better MacBook Pro would be a good option.