Macbook and Smartboard

Philip Fisher

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Jul 29, 2014
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I am not sure if anyone uses a MacBook with a Smartboard. I have an issue with the SB screen when connecting the computer to it.

I have a MacBook Air (M1, 2020) running Ventura (22A380). The SB is a newer MX065-v3 model. The computer is connected to the board using a hub and HDMI cable. When the computer is connected to the board the SB screen is greenish and washed out. The screen on the board is not clear.

I have tried different computers, cables, hubs and I narrowed it down to something with this particular M1 computer and Ventura. I have tried another MacBook running Monterey and the SB screen is fine and clear.

I have reached out to Smarttech support (maker of Smartboard) and they told me to update the drivers on the MacBook. Obviously, I can't manually update the drivers like you can on a PC.

I took another MacBook Air (non M1, 2020) running Ventura and using the same hub and HDMI cable the screen on the board is fine and clear.

Perhaps I am missing something on the MacBook Air (M1) computer in Displays or another setting.