M2 MacBook Air unboxing, first impression, and review videos are here!


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Aug 27, 2021
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I’m a fan of Matthew Moniz videos. I’m also a fan of others not on the list, MaxTech and The Everyday Dad. Side note: for me Rene Ritchie is the undisputed king of Apple Tech talk.
Moniz and Everyday Dad speak to imho a wider consumer mass. Too many tech channels let themselves get caught up in spec marketing, go too far outside the norm usage testing, and most importantly near hyperventilating about features that an overwhelming majority of users don’t use/don’t care about.
I agree with Matthew Moniz’s take: M2 MBA is a fantastic laptop with the better bigger screen, flat light design but a fully premium feel. He was saying just look for yourself, look at the size/weight, power, battery life, come on this is an amazing machine. But the M1 MBA is still a hard to beat as a value bevause it will fill the needs of the average laptop user extremely well. On sale at prices as low as 925 or at the lower half of 800 for refurbished. Show me something that beats it at this price point.

MaxTech opened the M2 MBA. Super incredibly, almost oddly, clean and neat with the cover off. The actual pc board is hilariously small. But the one item that I thought VERY interesting: it has Apple’s new ultra wideband chip on the PC board. I think (?) they said it is the first Mac to ever have it. What’s the plan for its usage in MBA is unknown.