LTE is fast, but phone still reacts slowly...


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Jul 18, 2012
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I have checked the internet and didn't see anything similar to this, so perhaps this is just my phone.
On Wi-Fi, phone has been running fast. Emails, webpages, facebook, etc. all load up pretty quickly. Then I switched to 4G LTE (verizon), to see how it compares. I did a speed test and I get 30mb Down and 8mb up. So the speed is definitely faster than my home internet. But when I surf the web, load a friend's facebook profile, or even load up a new email that I received, there seems to be a delay before anything will happen. For instance, if I load up an album on FB, the app proceeds with loading and I see the spinning circle, but nothing will happen for 4-6 seconds. And then when the pictures load, they load pretty slowly. I figured it would be faster than my home wi-fi.
When I actually start to download something, it seems to run at a fast speed then. Example, I downloaded an app from the app store and I noticed the same delay to search and start the download, but once it started, my LTE downloaded the app pretty quickly.

Basically I am wondering if anyone has noticed a slow delay when using the 4G LTE radio on either verizon or at&t. I didn't notice this issue with my Samsung Galaxy Nexus 4G in this same house. Its making me wonder if I just have a bad phone, or the LTE network is getting slammed with so many new iPhone activations.