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Jul 7, 2009
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LoveCall and LoveFinder now bring a new thing to your iPhones: love!

Those applications have just been released on July, 6th.

LoveCall is entirely free. LoveFinder is available at a small price.

Both LoveFinder and LoveCall are full iPhone applications. Here is another thing that is unique to your iPhone! They are a specific iPhone matchmaking service that cannot be found on the web or elsewhere.

They are also very simple to use.

"To make love available right at your fingertip" is the objective of LoveFinder

Want to see if anyone is here, looking for love, just 5 kilometers from where you are?

LoveFinder will tell it to you, and even more, it will display to you their pictures, the contact information they have left, and if they want it to be displayed, it may even tell you their phone numbers right away!

Once LoveFinder is installed, it just needs a tap to search for new people 500 kilometers around your position. Or you could just ask for a wider, or shorter range. There are no limitations: you may even search the whole world if you want to.

Or do you want love, but don't want to search for someone and see pictures on your own?

Then just create a LoveCall profile. It is entirely free, and people with LoveFinder might just find you this way. It will display all information (including picture) you want to input there with absolutely no limitations. And if you do want something hidden, just use the phone number text input to put secret things in it ; for the phone number won't be displayed unless you want it to be displayed.

Features and background

Those two applications were started with the following analysis:
- The iPhone is great, and iPhone users are great people.
- There should be a way for such people to eliminate loneliness and meet together.

LoveCall brings entirely new features to what has been known as "matchmaking".

First, it provides an accurate search without even requiring your address or location, or revealing the location of candidates.

It is what may be called iPhone magic: you choose between "Female" or "Male", you choose a kilometer range if you want to, and tada! Profiles are immediately displayed, and are accurately matched. You may also input more preferences if you want to (what they like, and so on).

The second most important feature is the "Mood for Love".

Because there are times when we do feel terribly alone, and we might just need someone right now. At those times, you may just want to find someone right now to talk to, and feel better with him or her.

You just need then to activate your "Mood for Love" in LoveCall. Once activated, it displays the phone number of your profile (that is otherwise hidden). If someone comes to your profile when your Mood for Love is activated, they will see your phone number, and since the iPhone is also a phone, they might call you right away...

LoveCall and LoveFinder aim to provide a new way for people to meet and know each other.

Feel free to try it now; relationships are much easier to create when such service starts, since love candidates are more available.

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