Lost some, not all of my notes off my 5


Dec 1, 2010
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On my iPhone 5, I have two sets of notes; one synced with my Yahoo mail, and the other with my iCloud mail.
Today I went to type on my most recent note and found the 3 most recently used/edited notes were gone. I freaked out as these are used almost everyday and contain lots of info.
I opened up the iPad 3 that also holds the Yahoo notes. Started to breath a sigh of relief as all three of the notes were there. But as the note page finished loading or refreshing, the top 3 notes vanished before my eyes. Now I'm panicking.
I opened up the Yahoo account on a desktop (pc) and found all three notes still in the Yahoo "notes" folder. So they aren't lost and my life isn't crushed. OK maybe they aren't that serious, but it would have been very deflating and things would have been lost.

But what happened? Why did they disappear?
I deleted the Yahoo account from the iPhone and returned it, but still the notes aren't there. How can they still be on the account but not on the iPhone?

Searched the web and found a few people suffer the same problem, but no real explanation or fix.
I'm scared it will happen again.
Any ideas? Thank you in advance.

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