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Looking to buy iPhone 5, few questions.


New member
Nov 10, 2012
Hi everyone so I'm looking to upgrade my VZW Gnex to the iphone 5. Because I'm grandfathered into my unlimited plan on VZW and do not want to lose it, I plan on opening up a second line and suspend it w/ billing instead of paying retail. Now once I suspend the line, I will be able to transfer the iphone to my original line with my old # and keep my unlimited right? Also from what I read online, the monthly charge for a suspended line is $10/month. So that would be $240 in 2 years. 32GB iPhone 5 = $330 w/ tax give or take..$330 + $240 = $570 which is much cheaper then buying the phone outright. Plus I will be able to use the upgrade on my second line so that way I should never have to pay retail to keep my unlimited data :p. Have I missed anything or is my calculations correct?

I haven't owned an iPhone since the 2G so I'm curious as to how it's come along over the years.


New member
Jun 1, 2011
I would swap the line before suspending it or not suspend it at all just turn the dummy device you put on that line in a drawer but yes your theory will work and calculations are correct