Looking for recommendation between MacBook Air or Mac Book Pro


Mar 2, 2016
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My cousin has a MacBook Air (2014) that apparently has "gone south". She asked me for my thoughts, and since I have never owned or even used a MacBook, I am asking for suggestions and/or advice.


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Apr 26, 2011
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The new era Pro models are fantastic but so are both generations of M type Air laptops. I provision Macs to staff and have had both personally. I actually chose an custom order Air for RAM and more storage over my new style Pro for the carry weight and fantastic battery life.

Limitations to consider are sophisticated multi-display support or truly power user matters. Also Intel type virtualization.

The new dark color for Air models is nice but shows fingerprints relative to silver or grey.

My two main laptops include a Surface Laptop too. Those are our staff favorites for Windows laptops. I have to have some ability to run some legacy Intel Windows software and I also use it for developing and testing what is deployed to staff but for general productivity my year 2022 conclusion is Windows and Intel laptops are goofy if not dumb for iPhone users if you don't need it. It's 1) the phone integration 2) battery life and 3) price. We buy MacBook Air models for less money than premium Windows laptops.