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I just switched from Android to iPhone, and am trying to find a way to make things work properly in my car. The problem (confirmed by Apple) is that iOS only has one switch for a bluetooth device, regardless of the # of separate channels. What I want to do is to enable phone bluetooth but not A2DP in my Scion. The car supports this, and Android has settings to control which bluetooth profiles you want to use for each device, but Apple does not.

There was a jailbreak app called Bluetooth Service Manager which allowed disabling A2DP altogether, but it appears to not work with recent versions of iOS.

It is really frustrating to have to manually turn off the BT A2DP every time I get in car -- or not use BT for phone altogether.

Any suggestions? Thanks!


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Nov 2, 2009
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Unfortunately you only have the option of on or off for the connection.

If you wanted to JB, I think Apple is still signing 8.1 so you could downgrade.