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Looking for ios game testers


Aug 8, 2014
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We are desperately looking for some beta testers for our newly-released game. The following are our prerequisites, please read carefully before you make a registration.
1. After official email confirmation between both sides, we will record the beta tester's information and email him/her a testing account and download address for beta testers to download and enter the game.
2. After entering the game, the beta tester is supposed to create an account and email us via in-game ticket, including the beta tester?s information. After we verify all aforementioned ones, we will give the beta tester 1000 gems for the beta testing. The gems will be given out within one weekday.
3. After the gems are given out, beta testers should start to test the game and the testing time is supposed to be 2 days. Beta testers must reach Level 30 or above and spend more than four hours (including 4 hours) in the game when finishing the testing.
4. After finishing the beta testing, the beta tester is required to finish the questionnaire and submit it via email.
5. After we verify the validity of the questionnaire submitted by the beta tester, we will reward him/her $20 according to his/her previous left information.
6. Afterwards, we will give another 500 gems to the Beta testers to encourage them to stay in the game.
any interesting, please contact me by PM or posting here.
here is the gameplay video create by IGV Gameplay Reviews
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Dec 3, 2012
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