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Mar 7, 2013
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I'm working for Quantesys Mobile (Quantesys Mobile) and we've just released an update of our first iPhone app: MarketMoods.

You'll find our app here: MarketMoods - MarketMoods

Our app takes out the complexity of Finance and use weather symbols to represent the market Forecasts. In only few seconds, the app will provide you financial previsions for the next hours/days/weeks based on a proprietary algorithm developed by Quantesys.

This app is free and you can consult a selection of forecast randomly chosen by our system. If you want to customize your environment, you can do it simply by registering your app and you'll receive free credits to fully explore the potential of this app.

I'm interested by improving the user experience offered in this app and I need your participation to better understand the user's point of view. The registration is only needed if you want to customize the app, that is not mandatory to explore the app and send me a feedback of your experience.

I hope that some of you are open for such kind of experimentation, this app has a lot of potential but I'm not sure that the interface is optimal to offer the best journey in discovering a new way of thinking Finance.

Thank you in advance for your time, don't hesitate to involve me in such kind of request for your app or your project.


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