looking for all in one optimized for ipad mini 2 magazine


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Dec 24, 2014
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Hi, my main reason buying ipad (ipad mini retina/ipad mini 2) is to read magazine, at first i think reading magazine from pdf will be enough and then soon i realize that some magazine have very small text in my ipad that i need to zoom and getting pixelated view from my ipad and it's very anoying...

so, i went to newsstand and thats where i find some magazine (free ones) that have optimized for ipad, so when i go to landscape the content in the page match landscape orientation and show text clearly and it so awesome even some of the magazine are interactive with animation, sound and videos but most of newsstand magazine are not free and feels so expensive to me...

and then, i turn into somekind of "netflix for magazine" apps like zinio, readr, magzter... but after trying free/trial subscription all of the magazine in there is just a print version of pdf (which i can get it for free somewhere else)...

so is anyone here have any recomendation for apps like zinio subscription type but offer optimized for ipad magazine?

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