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Sep 22, 2004
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loving my iPhone

I keep seeing these threads on here about not liking this or that, so I'll concede that it's not perfect, but I'm thrilled with it after 4 days. From the first very easy and totally hiccup free first sync to every time I've used it since, I've enjoyed it immensely.

This is my first Apple product, and i have to wonder if I wasn't using Vista, how tempted would i be to jump on the Mac boat about now. I do a lot of digital imaging work with photoshop and lightroom, so the temptation has always been there.

My goal in submitting this is to try to encourage people to try this device for a few days for themselves instead of deciding against it based on a few negative experiences and obvious Apple haters on this forum.

After three generations of Treos and the 8125, this thing is just, well, natural.

Ok, I am admittedly not "login'" my iPhone, but I am LOVING it!


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Apr 25, 2004
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yep, and probably why we're not seeing more threads posted on this board. simple device offering simple pleasures for this user. would i like it to handle email like my Pearl does for my work needs? yes, of course. it's basically what keeps me from only carrying a single deivce. funny thing is that i can see my work emails via OWA in a most clear and legible fashion but it's not real time (user having to refresh the screen) which is what the Blackberry does so well.

as for the iPhone, i've owned it since the second day of its launch and it's been absolutely problem free for me. the user and internet experience are the best that i've ever come by. it takes the best photos of any pda type device i've owned, scrolling through them (as with the music albums) is a nice touch. personal email is terrific and easy to read on the large screen. love the phone portion of it but wish the ear speaker was a tad louder. love the slimness of it and it has a feel of quality. i like it for how easy it is to use. for me it feels like everything i need is just a finger tap away.

still waiting for mine to crash. if it did i surely didn't notice it.

oh, and most importantly, my biggest concern with it prior to its launch was whether the keyboard would function to my liking or not. it does take some time to get used to but it has become much more easy to type on. the predictive/corrective text feature works as it should and perhaps is what makes it a success. i'd say that it's a different type of typing experience, no better and no worse. i'll take that keyboard and a larger screen all the time.


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Oct 26, 2006
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Past Treo owner and current iPhone user

I got an iPhone a couple of weeks ago thinking that it would be just a weekend device as I usually use my treo for work to get my email and check my calander. But I cant seem to put my sim back in the treo because im enjoying the iPhone too much:D . Sure there are some things that I miss but with some help from some of the forums I have found some work arounds for some things like using the persons phone number@mms.att.net as an email address instead of having built in MMS capabilities I'm still waiting for an easy way to get my hotmail email ( dont think there ever will be though:rolleyes: ). And I've just been checking my work email via owa which works well, kinda wish apple had let cingular put Xpressmail on the iPhone at least.

Anyways the thing I loved most about the treo was the touchscreen, mobile internet, easy access to email, and third party apps like TomTom. The iPhone beats the treo on the touchscreen and internet I mean its like no contest with those two I'm almost kinda worried about when I do switch back to the treo and its small 240X240 screen:thumbsdn:. I have used it a couple of times in my car for a gps device though.

Man if apple had pulled there head out of their @$$ and got some companies togeather to make some great apps for the iPhone and if they put some standard features ie ringtones,mms,video on the iPhone they would have an unbeatable device. Its almost like one of those geenie wishes where you have to be carefull what you wish for someone must have wished for apple to make a touchscreen ipod cell phone that can browse the web and thats exactly what they got nothing more a cell phone, an ipod, and a web browser with a touchscreen its like apple just thought ok we did it and didnt think to add in the things that are standard features on a cell phone. Ok well anyways sorry for the rant ... in the end I love my iPhone and I love my Treo even with its pathetic screen;)


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Aug 23, 2004
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I just filled out my ATT/Apple customer feedback email. I gave them some feedback on what they should work on getting added to the iPhone.

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