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Lockscreen clock color?


New member
Jun 15, 2013
Just discovered that the clock on the lockscreen changes to black with some of the default (very light color) wallpapers. I was also able to get it to change with only one light colored wallpaper I have in my photos.

Does anyone know if you can change the clock from white font to black manually? I have a wallpaper I'd like to use, and the black would look awesome with it, but I can't get it to change to black with this one as it seems to do automatically on the others.

Any thoughts? Thanks!!


Trusted Member
Mar 9, 2010
Unfortunately it's color is determined by your wallpaper. Same with the text in the notification drawer.

Chris Parsons

Oct 30, 2007
Sadly I don't believe there is any manual way in which you can change the color. It'd be nice though if you could. It's simply adjusted based on your background.


New member
Jan 5, 2015
this may be too late to help you but i had the same issue and came across this discussion in my search so it may help others who come across it in the future:

to your point about the auto adjust feature that dictates the lockscreen text color, one suggestion i have if it's possible is to use a picture filter that lightens the portion of the lockscreen where texts appears. My background was light gray so I did this, made the background almost white, and got it to change from white text to black text.