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Jun 12, 2009
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Lily Pads is a challenging puzzle game which you can play at any time. The goal of Lily Pads is to get across the water by building a bridge using lily pads. Only the green lily pads are strong enough to cross the water, and it is your job to move the other lily pads out of the way to build your bridge. The water is infested with sharks, sword fish, and other creatures that would like some fresh prey.

Beware though, as Lily Pads may be addictive! Lily Pads starts off with easy levels, but as you advance through the game the challenge quickly becomes harder. Unlock more difficult levels by completing easier ones. And become the ultimate Lily Pads master by finishing all 100 levels. No worries though, those 100 levels will be expanded in
future updates!

As you solve a level, your minimal number of moves is automatically saved so you can come back to each level later and try to beat your best score. So just when you though you were there by completing all levels, you need to ask yourself the following question: can you find the minimal number of moves required to solve each level?

The water in Lily Pads is fully interactive and is one of the most realistic water simulations you'll have ever see on the iPhone or iPod Touch. Pausing the game allows you to relax and just play around with the water, so you can reflect on things like your life, your work, pink bunnies, or anything else that needs some good old reflection. Double tapping the water allows you to pick up the game where you left it.


For more information about Lily Pads check out:
Lily Pads homepage
Lily Pads video
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