Lights Dimmer Toggle for SBSettings... my iP5 is laughing at me :-(


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Jul 1, 2009
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Installed this awfully cool looking tweak and set up the brightness levels in Settings. I found that when I turn toggle to ON it works and the brightness stays. When I turn it to OFF, the brightness goes down to the prescribed level, then steadily increases back to where it was. Takes about 3 seconds to get back to the previous brightness. I thought it might be f.lux but ruled that out by uninstalling it and doing a respring and getting the same problem. I have calibrated my light sensor 3 times effectively. Still getting this issue. I tried deleting my Backboard theme backup wondering if that app was returning everything to it's "theme" state... nope. Tried disabling Accelerate... nope. The effects of f.lux stick during day/night settings, but the Lights Dimmer Toggle not so much... it's as though I can actually hear the iP5 laughing at me :mad: Kinda like the iP5 light sensor is determined to win at all costs, tweaks be damned :( I've gotten feedback from several folks that they have this tweak working and wondering if anyone has found any particular apps or tweaks that conflict or prevent proper functioning?

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