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Lightning adapter


New member
Mar 18, 2010
Hi there.

I just gave up my trusty and reliable 4s for a shiny new 5s. I sucked it up and bought an apple lightning adapter. I know that there are a boatload of knockoff adapters that are out and I recall that none of them allowed audio to pass thru. How about now, though? have any of the manufacturers figured out to recreate Apple's chip in the adapter?


Well-known member
Feb 12, 2011
Another thing to consider is that ios 7 has a new security feature that tells you that you are not using an authorized one and "it may not work correctly". Ones that I used with ios 6 are now getting that message with ios 7. I also read somewhere that they eventually crap out. Don't know if that last one is fact. Time will tell.


New member
Nov 20, 2013
i recently brought one from Consumer Electronics | Eazy Discount so far, there is't any problem with it.
i had a cheap replica, which i brought from tigerdirect, the delivery was a little late.
this new one which i got from eazydiscount, feels much more durable and their delivery was super fast.