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LifeProof case now ready!


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Jun 15, 2011
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I have the LP case for my 4S. Just got this one a few days ago. Was very surprised at the improvement in this case. No sound muffling to my callers. No screen problems. No rattles. I have the red one, and I bought the belt clip as well. I'm not a phone in pocket kinda guy. And I work on commercial dishwashers, so I am always around water. I dropped my old Motorola Q in one once....wasn't good. Happy so far!


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Jun 17, 2012
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I just received my 3rd lifeproof case in the mail and I am pleased to announce that all previous problems with the case have been fixed! First case I had, had the "pillowing" effect on the top and the bottom of the iPhone, had the high pitched noise come out of the earpiece, and couldn't end a call. I got my 2nd case, still had the "pillowing" effect on the top and the bottom, but not as bad as the first generation. It fixed the high pitched noise and the ability to end a call. The only reason I sent it back was because they sent me the wrong color. Very good customer service. Got my 3rd case in the mail today, and I am pleased to announce this 3rd gen case is much, much better! No "pillowing", no high pitched noise from the earpiece, and can end a call! Slim, sleek, waterproof, dust proof, etc and can fit easily in the pocket. Sound is much better too! Overall a 10/10 for sure!


New member
Jan 26, 2013
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I use Lifeproof and I don't have any problems. I dropped it on the ground many times on bike and snowboard, and it is still working 100% in mud, rain and snow. I don't know how it works in deep water, but filming girls in swimming pool ? no problem.
For compering and calculating prices (with transport, taxes?) I found this useful page: lifeproofcases.bike-park-slovenia.com/where-can-i-buy-lifeproof-case .

Some of you guys have problems, but for me, it is working as I expected.

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