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Sep 25, 2008
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Hey Guys,

The Apple iPhone App store is a fun place and the search, for apps that can make your mobile life easier and more exciting, must be on. Plusmo for iPhone brings you the best iPhone experience by, providing you with widgets that deliver news, games, podcasts, videos, RSS feeds, weather, comics and your blog too!

Plusmo provides an access to all your favorites? from one easy home page on your iPhone. Apart from search based access to over 20,000 iPhone widgets it also includes live sports widgets like Pro-golf, NBA, Pro-Football, NCAA? the list just never ends. These Sports Widgets are very useful for keeping up with your favorite sport or team when you are on the go.

They give you quick access to all the statistics the most ardent fans care about and even offer play-by-play for live games. Just point your safari to plusmo dot com and get started on your Plusmo adventure!
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