Lessons I Learned From Steve Jobs


Nov 8, 2011
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This post is meant as a celebration of Steve Job?s life. He has impacted the lives of many including myself in ways we may not yet realize. His products revolutionized the world, from smartphones, to mp3 players, to tablets and everything in between.

While I didn?t know Steve personally, I use his products each and every day. Thus I feel inclined to share the lesson?s I?ve learned from Steve from both his documentaries, his biography, his keynotes, and the legacy he left before us known to all as Apple.

Technology has grown to become a critical part of our lives and Steve Jobs was the only human in existence to perfect it through his products, leadership, and vision.

Lesson 1 ? There is no I in Team ? Without a team of motivated individuals, Steve would not be able to accomplish everything he did. Without Steve Wozniak and his talents in computer hardware, Apple would not be born. Without Johnny Ive we would not have the iPhone, iPad, or the Macintosh Computer in its current form. By building a team of determined, dedicated, and talented individuals the Apple we see before us would not exist. Steve realized that with unity and team work, great things can be built. And he led that team to greatness.

Lesson 2 ? Demand for perfection ? Steve accepted nothing less than perfect with his work and his life. He never settled for anything less than perfect. If he found a project at Apple was less than the best it could be he would have it redone until that perfection was accomplished. While other manufacturers focus on maximizing their product portfolio, Apple focuses on one product making it perfect in every way. This obsession and attention to detail made the impossible a reality.

Lesson 3 ? Nothing Is Impossible ? While many people doubted Steve?s abilities to implement his ideas and often quoted his demands as ?impossible? he was always able to prove people wrong. In his mind nothing was out of reach. Anything was possible if you believe. Embracing this outlook will make anything a possibility.

Lesson 4 ? Think Different ? You should never be afraid to think outside the box. Steve taught me that anything can be done better. He took risks and stuck with his gut. While manufacturers focused on building netbooks, Steve saw the power in creating a tablet surpassing all other mobile devices and changing the way we use technology.

Lesson 5 ? Never Stop Learning ? Throughout his life, Steve Jobs always had a passion to learn and gain knowledge whether it be through his friendships and interactions or the research he conducted. He always aligned himself with A-Players and smart individuals learning from their successes and failures. There was always something new to learn and always an opportunity to grow. Steve did just that till the very end.

I hope these lessons struck a chord with some of you. Steve has and will continue to influence my work, my ethic, and the way I use technology. While we lost a great leader and visionary his work and influence will continue to resonate and inspire the masses.

Rest in peace Steve. And most importantly, thank you!
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