Lazada Review: Saved Halloween, I saved my friends


Jul 9, 2012
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I remember last year I came as Alice in Wonderland wearing a polka dotted blue dress. People didn?t recognize me at all. It was either they thought I was Minnie mouse or a maid. You can say it was a complete failure. This year, I came as a French maid. I scouted a good costume store that sells costumes you would normally see American teenagers wear in movies. Now, that?s hot! Hopefully, I pulled it off quite nicely because that dress was expensive. Halloween parties make all the costumes worth it at least for people my age since candies have just become overrated. Last Saturday, my friends and I threw a Halloween party and unlike last year, we went all out with this one. We collected money from all the guests. We prepared for a week and we bought all sorts of designs for the venue like cobwebs, signage, hanging bats, plastics pumpkin pails etc. We even dressed up costumes and made a corner of the venue into a photo booth area where people could make their own photo booth pics. Most of it we got from an online store.

We tried to look for stores in malls but most of the items there were all expensive whether we buy or rent them. But the party didn?t go according to plan as we expected. The day before our party, we got a call from Lazada?s customer service, the online store we ordered from. They said they were coming at 3 in the afternoon and delivering the orders at our friend?s house which was the place of venue. None of us trusted each other enough to get someone to use his or her credit card so we decided to just pay when it gets delivered. We had a bad experience from last year so we tried to dodge any misunderstandings the second time in a row. We assumed that everyone would have paid by then. We were concerned at first because we maxed out our budget for the venue and drinks just so everyone would feel their money?s worth. Sadly more than half of our guests still haven?t paid by the time the customer service called. We never got the chance to see the people coming beforehand because we all lived in different schools. It was our mid-terms week so we couldn?t make an effort to meet up with them. We asked the customer service if they could deliver it the day of the party itself but in an earlier time. That night was so stressful. Everyone was panicking because no one had any money to pay for advance for other?s fees. As expected, I had to pull out my almighty debit card to save our butts. I always end up paying for others and not getting my money back. I don?t do well with asking for people?s debts. I think they should have the decency to pay me back on their own without being reminded. The day of the party, only three people went out of their way to give their payment. Truth be told, that was the highlight of my Halloween. It was spending the entire night asking back for my money. Damn.

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