Lazada offers huge selection and offer great selection- A Review


Jul 9, 2012
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So Lazada is one of the local online shopping malls that is create huge buzz online right now. There selection is really huge that they are more looking like a offline shopping mall. Whatever you want or need, they have it, from your home appliances to gadgets, you are sure Lazada can provide you with what you need. Lazada initially started last March of 2012. Since their launch, they quickly reached their popularity with their massive and aggressive marketing execution.

I first found Lazada Philippines when I was browsing local blog in the Philippines. Their ad was on a banner format, which quickly grab my attention. I remember they were showing huge sale on their website for a specific electronic tablet. As I browsed to their website, I was actually excited to browse their website or more on do online window shopping since they have all the latest gadget in the market. Some of which are not available on your usual or local malls. I believe some of them are exclusively sold on their website. Given that Lazada also is available in Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam and Indonesia, it will pretty easy for them to import one item from one venture to another and make hot items availability much faster and easier. A hot item that are not yet available in the Philippines maybe exported from another venture in which the item was launched earlier on their country. Being one of the first to have online in the Philippines, gives you the power of supply-and-demand. You can actually tap on the grey market and offer the item at higher cost especially if it?s a rare item. Online customers of Lazada don?t need to go to abroad just to buy an item where it?s only available.

I bought an item at Lazada recently. It?s the newly released iPad mini which was at that time not yet available on local regular stores, even Apple authorized retailers don?t have the stock ye.t After I saw their Ad that the iPad mini is already available on their store. I was eager to visit Lazada?s website and confirm if there were still available items. I was expecting that a lot of people would beat me for the last stock and for me to run out of stock. Luckily for me, despite the day after they launched their online campaign Ads, I still managed to get one of them. I was pretty excited to have it as I also want to be one of the first to own one. Also, I was always an iPad fan, but given that I?m a guy I prefer to avoid brining a bag with me when I?m going out. But since the iPad was too big for my usual small bag I opted for the smaller tablet, in which case, Apple released the iPad mini. The look was very slick, thinner and heavier than a usual a habit. Ipad mini truly solves any tablet fanatic?s dream wherein having the usual standard size of iPad tablet in smaller and thinner way.

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