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Latest fun app: iSaidHi


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Jan 26, 2009
Guys, Wanna send moving messages to express your emotions? "iSaidHi" will do this for you now :) ?iSaidHi? is one of many exciting iPhone application developed by GenITeam GenITeam - A Web 2.0 Specialist Company | iPhone Developers where you can express and send your cool or harsh emotions to your relatives and friends. You just need to select a person from your contact list and shake your iPhone. ?iSaidHi? will send a message to that person showing sender?s location on map with a hand wave; act as if sender has a ?Hi? gesture for you. The quicker you shake your iPhone, the stronger reaction you will send to your friend. In addition, you can show your aviator on the map (at your location) that will be visible to receiver. Amazing App...;)
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